Capture One 7 vs. Lightroom 5

I support the APA-LA chapter , by serving on its board, and by giving seminars on digital post-processing. On Saturday July 20, I ran a live "race" between Capture One 7 and Lightroom 5, by demonstrating shooting tethered into each app: 50 images captured non-stop on a Nikon D800E. We applied a special "look" in each software on the test image, then started the shoot (and the clock). While both apps took about 2+ minutes to import the images, Capture One brought each one in with the special "look", as well as a focus check window - in Lightroom, the images appeared unprocessed, and only after the import was finished did the software start rendering the special "look" - the client would not have seen them with that "look" during the shoot - it took more than twice the time for Lightroom to finish the entire process.

We then processed one image, with the default settings, in both apps, to compare the results - you can judge for yourself - the Capture One image starts with more contrast and sharpness, but with a very different color rendition than Lightroom (again, white balance is "as shot", and no additional adjustments are made at all)

Draw your own conclusions - my advice is to start using both, and choose the one that'll be most effective in each situation. I use LR 5 for managing my archive, and CO 7 for tethered shooting!