Bringing a Victorian dress to a desert sunset

Our muse, Melanie Friedrich, has a Victorian-looking dress, that she salvaged from an opera-house-wardrobe yard-sale.... and we agreed to take her to the desert, East of Palmdale, to shoot at sunset. On the way, we found an old abandoned house, and made many, many late afternoon images:

We made all our images very simply, with one battery-powered monoblock, inside a 5' soft box, balancing the strobe against the sunlight (later, after sunset, by slowing down the shutter):

We had another half-hour drive to the (not-so-dry) lake-bed of El Mirage - and the sun set while we were still walking toward the edge.... a long walk against a strong wind!

But we were able to shoot a number of images after the sunset, with the strong wind providing great motivation to Melanie's hair and dress:

The lesson? Always plan for twice the amount of time you think you'll need.... Especially with a sunset/sunrise, be sure you're ready and capturing images at least 30 minutes before it crosses the horizon.... And bring your "A team" with you - this work wouldn't have been possible without Beata Bernina, Katherine Barcsay, and Jonathan Caballero!