Photography Learning Tailored to Your Need

I am available to give private coaching, location-specific workshop for groups, lecture/demo on the use of specific equipment at events, and talks on certain topics for specific interest photo communities.

I can cover subjects ranging from camera basics, photography fundamentals, lighting with natural & artificial lights, portraiture, editing in Photoshop and Lightroom, to the business of photography.


I started teaching photography in 1973, at Cornell University: excited to expose newcomers to the magic of the latent silver image, and its magical manifestation in a print, in the darkroom! 

Once I relocated to Los Angeles, I re-engaged with teaching as an avocation, practicing in classrooms at UCLA Extension, Julia Dean Photo Workshop, Digital Photo Academy, and Samy's Photo School

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When my career changed to advertising photography, I began presenting seminars to photography organizations (ASMP, APA) as well as speaking at trade shows for various photo corporations (Adobe, Phase One, MAC Group, WPPI)

I have lead the Los Angeles Adobe user group, LADIG, as well as offering intensive montly seminars on mastering Lightroom and Photoshop!


I now lead one-day workshops every other weekend, sponsored by Samy's Camera! Most focus on mastering light, sunlight or strobe light - my years in commercial photography have trained me to produce beautiful artificial light, anytime, anywhere...

My more advanced workshops focus on bodies in motion, with the participation of the dance and acrobatic companies that I now photograph professionally.


Some Summers I lead a week-long photo workshop in Bali, the home of my wife's family, and my yearly vacation.


I have been mentoring the young people who assisted me, sequentially, over the past 35 years, both on the East Coast, and in Los Angeles. Over the last few years I have continue to offer individual coaching, meeting with emerging photographers at different experience levels, and helping them move forward! It's amazing how much we can accomplish when working side-by-side, focused exclusively on the issue at hand!

Please contact me to discuss how we might work together: weekly half-day meeting, a more intensive full-day or two, or specific meeting when starting or completing a body of work or when a particular challenge has arisen.

Together we can address both shooting and post-processing issues, as well as lighting, business, and shaping your style and vision!


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